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Entry One

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July 17, 2006 First Entry.

This is my first entry to my weblog, online journal.  I thought I would just post stuff at random as they come to mind.  I was thinking today about something I had read on another site owned by my friend Susan.  There was a comment from an attorney there who said that if a person loses their utilities that their children should be taken away.  That's pretty harsh. 
So many people just fall onto hard times from illnesses in the family or loss of a job when a company shuts down with little or no notice.  Sad things that happen out of a person's control.  I just keep thinking how errogant this attorney is.  I wonder if he thinks this same way with the clients he defends or what he is really thinking in the back of his tiny mind.
Today, I am working on more documents to get sent to DSS.  Grievances on workers that lied.  Yes, flat lied.  I detest these people and what they "claim" to stand for.  It disgusts me how they are so ignorant of facts. 
I miss Brandon and Chelsea and I wonder every day that passes how they are doing, if they are o.k.  Their father, who is a good and generous person with a light personality, fun loving and just plain kind, misses them with all of his heart.
I sit and watch him grow sadder and sadder every day he is away from them.  The stupid judge on the case just can't get past his own fat nose.  He doesn't know why Ron doesn't contact the children when we tell him constantly why.  His ex wife makes up false allegations whenever he contacts the children in any manner right along with DSS workers.  These accusations can land him in jail and have.  Charges get dropped but it's the stress and strain of going to court all the time to battle them and the loss of wages and jobs because he has to constantly battle these jerks. 
I really hope that things change soon.  This is so awful for all of us.  The ones who are missing out though most is the children. 
Hugs, Jen.

Never Give Up Hope