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Enigmas Matrix
Official People On The Case
Fax from court july 21/06
Grand Jury: Ron is not guilty of kidnapping July 05
Social Worker, Katie Voegle's letter on our behalf.
Chelsea's letter to us
unfounded abuse letter on me
Guardian Ad Litem's Recommendation of placement of children 2006
DSS report says sexual perps in Kayela's home. Sept 03
Brandon's untreated ringworm 2003
Court Order On Custody 03
Matt Holt letter to Smiser, not paying Smiser to do his job!
Brandon 04 missed school days
Internal E mails, very interesting!
Jason Lene Probable Cause Statement and Judge Lewis Involvement in Ron's arrest July 05
Mary Clark lies to court in writing 2005
Sept. 17/03 DSS narratives
Official People On The Case
Amanda Kroner Letter May 13 / 04
removal petition brandon 04
Sexual maltreatment 2006
Sexual abuse 2003
Founded neglect 2004
About Me
Our Plight
Contact Me
Chelsea's feet : Foot Rot 2005
School Counselor Francine Nichols Notations on Brandon
Modification Order 06

Here is a list of the people who are currently on this case, who have been on the case, their address and roles in the case.

2001   2002   2003 
Randolph County Children's Division
1715 S. Morley # B
Moberly, MO. 65270
Phone: (660)-263-4330
Fax:  (660) 263-6560
Janna Clark: Circuit Manager  ( No longer at this office unknown where at now ).
Kasey Whitmore: Services Worker
Doug Dowdy: Services worker
Tara Derboven: Services worker
Amanda Kroner: Services worker
Chariton County Children's Division
121 E. Jackson
Keytesville, MO. 65261
Phone: (660) 288-3293
Fax: (660) 288-3113

Tanisha Phelps: Services worker. ( No longer there ).

2003   2004

Boone County Children's Division

1500 Vandiver Drive, Suite 103
Columbia MO 65202

Phone: (573) 882-9180
Fax: (573) 884-5110

Lynn Cole: Circuit Manager

Ashley Smethers: Services worker

Christine Fiske: Services worker

Denise Belsheim: Services worker

Brenda Berger: Services worker

Meliny Staysa: Services worker


Adair County Children's Division

1412 N. Osteopathy
P O Box 670
Kirksville MO 63501

Kyle Kendrick: Circuit Manager ( No longer there, but still in DSS )

Julia Adami: Circuit Manager: Took Kyle's place

Christine Steele: Investigative Worker

Mary Clark: Services worker

Deb Sutton: Mary's supervisor

Deb Ziebarth: Christine's supervisor





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