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Enigmas Matrix
Fax from court july 21/06
Grand Jury: Ron is not guilty of kidnapping July 05
Social Worker, Katie Voegle's letter on our behalf.
Chelsea's letter to us
unfounded abuse letter on me
Guardian Ad Litem's Recommendation of placement of children 2006
DSS report says sexual perps in Kayela's home. Sept 03
Brandon's untreated ringworm 2003
Court Order On Custody 03
Matt Holt letter to Smiser, not paying Smiser to do his job!
Brandon 04 missed school days
Internal E mails, very interesting!
Jason Lene Probable Cause Statement and Judge Lewis Involvement in Ron's arrest July 05
Mary Clark lies to court in writing 2005
Sept. 17/03 DSS narratives
Official People On The Case
Amanda Kroner Letter May 13 / 04
removal petition brandon 04
Sexual maltreatment 2006
Sexual abuse 2003
Founded neglect 2004
About Me
Our Plight
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Chelsea's feet : Foot Rot 2005
School Counselor Francine Nichols Notations on Brandon
Modification Order 06

Elsewhere In The News...News Page: click here for news around the globe. a threatening post on my guest book from someone named TOM CAT.   Here it is:
Submitted on: April 4, 2007 8:34:51 PM EDT
Name: tomcat
Email Address:
Web site URL:
Comments: you better leve kayela alone becacuse you get it
Well, here are my thoughts TOM CAT.  Or I'll get what?  You have my address, it is listed on my site.  So instead of just threatening me, why don't you just come on up here?  Do you for ONE minute think you scare me in the least little bit?  Well, sorry to disappoint you TOM CAT, but you don't. 
So just stop your tiny little threats and come on over since you are so big and bad.  You are invited.

All documents on this site are original scans by the agencies that created them.  My thoughts and opinions are my own and if anyone has a problem with my site then you have option to exit it and please do so.  I do have freedom of speech and this is MY site.  It is an electronic book, a diary, an electronic documentation. 
This is a child's plea for help and creating this site is what this is intended for, to get her help as she requested of us. 


Thank you for alerting me to the post I missed last night.  It has been removed.  If I come across any others that were "missed" I will delete them as well.  This message will be deleted by the end of the day on...March 14 / 07.
I removed did not take on the first time I deleted it apparently, sometimes that happens, but I did remove it BOTH times.  I am working on going through everything to make sure it is all off  per your request.  How I see things on here is not how you all see them, it looks different when I am in editing mode.  If it appears in editing mode that it is gone, it may not be on the page itself for someone else who is looking at it.  I am testing everything as I go, since it did not remove it the first time. 

Phone calls and posts to us and to here.
I have removed the posts from your children.  You know who you are. 
I haven't lied about anything like you say I am.  It's all in the documents if you would take time to read them, but since you don't care, I am sure you won't.
I never said anything bad about your husband either on here so where the slander comment is coming from ...I just don't get it.  The document about him ( that mentions him ) on here is from the police, not something we wrote and I have a letter from Sherry Darling that states that is where it came from. 
Ron and I do not have criminal records contrary to what you were PROBABLY told.  Everything on Ron has been dropped EVERY time.  The accusation from Christine Steele that Ron was arrested in October of 03 is a lie.  No such arrest even occured in 2003, especially October as that is when the last court hearings on the modification took place.  I have the letter from the ombudsman to prove that one and he even told DSS that rumor better end to their face in a team meeting.  It is bad when even the ombudsman says the children should not be in her home.  Why don't you take a visit to Missouricasenet?  ANY criminal charges would be on there if they stuck.  I also have NO criminal record. 
Out of curiosity...what has MY marriage got to do with anything?  I don't want to get married again...EVER.  Is that illegal or a crime?  NO.  For all you know, I could be divorced now...what has it got to do with anything?
I am not the one who sought out anyone, they came to us.  This is a public site. 
So, if they post to it, I will remove it when I see it.  But I can in no way control who posts and when.  I am also not on here 24 / 7 to look at it.  I check it a couple times a day if I am not busy with something else or unless I am adding more documents.
I feel sorry for Chelsea, with everyone turning a blind eye to her heart aches and sorrows and the abuse she has endured.  Sadly she will probably end up as a statistic in Missouri's great belt of notches on child fatalities.  Just like Dominic James did.  Thanks to good ol DSS and people who failed that child too.
You know, I read all these horror stories on Missouri DSS and how children die from being put in the home of abusive people or left in it.  No one seems to care when it's happening until it ends in a child's death, then everyone is rushing around like crazy trying to place blame on one another and complaining how the communities FAILED these children.  I guess this is no exception to the case. 
I call everyone hun you can ask anyone who knows me.  Anyone who helps Chelsea, I just love to pieces because she has no one to turn to down there.  She is alone in this down there.  Doesn't anyone care about her?  She is a good kid and so smart and funny.  Does she deserve to be hit, screamed at, called stupid and retarded?  No, she doesn't.
Does she deserve being tormented by her brother like she is?  Slapped around or is that something Missourians do ...slap people around and it's normal down there?  I would hope not.
You all did not hear what I heard the other night on Feb 18 / 07 and I am so glad you all sleep at night because her crying like she did...begging me to come and get was unreal and they should be locked up for torturing her like that.  Hiding under her bed scared?  Is that a way for a child to live? 
We did call police and were told to leave voice mails which we did several times but no one bothered to contact us back or even check on Chelsea, so Chelsea called us the next day and asked us to call someone for help for her.  She even called the hotline herself.  We had to go to the highway patrol to get them to check on her.  DSS didn't care about her enough to do it until Wednesday, 3 days later.   
It truly is a sad world.  Besides that...there is nothing in the e mails that the girls did not already read on here or what Chelsea told them herself.  

Further documents on Ron's arrest.

Click here for 2001 DSS documents and 2002 original divorce decree.

I have decided that I am going to put up ALL the documents.  All 3000 plus pages.  So this is going to be under construction as things get added to it and things get moved around and in order...there is just so much.  This is due to couple e mails I have gotten from Kayela  and Billy's mother, Barb.  I'll also put those up too and my responses to them. bet I am.  After what happened in the following paragraphs below...I am beyond angry.  So, I am going full force.  FULL FORCE! 
So, Kayela, you found my site.  Good.  You can call your attorney, you can call your therapist, you can call whoever you want to call.  I don't really care.  You are the one with all the abuse reports, not us.  You are the one who allows your husband to abuse those children, not us.  You knowingly left your son to be sexually abused by Mr. Roselius and still continued to subject your children to this man!  Do you really care about their well being?  Apparently not. 
You don't allow Ron to see them anyway so what more can you take away from him?  Not much.  So, do you really think we care if you print out all of this or who you show it to?  Why do you think I made the site anyway? 
I have never met in my life such a vindictive person as you are Kayela.  Your daughter is sick and tired of living there because of how your husband and you treat her.  I can't blame her.  She is the one who sought us out, not the other way around so you should really keep that in mind. 
You have a lot of people snowballed but I can see right through your pity party attitude and self victimization.  You have blamed your house conditions on your children!  Everythig is always everyone's fault but yours.  You take no responsibility for what you have done and you expect your children to respect you?  Has it ever occurred to you why Brandon hits you now?  Why not?  He sees Billy do it to him ( Brandon ) and to Chelsea, you are what you live in. 
Ever hear of the abuse cycle wheel?  Maybe you should talk to your counselor about that.  Brandon is destined for prison if you keep putting the kids through this crap Kayela.  Don't you care?  Dont' you care what happens to your son?  Well, if you don't, they have a father who does care.  Everything he has done he has done for them to protect them.  Can you say the same thing?  Not when you abuse them like you do, you can't.
So, do what you want.  Say what you want.  My site goes down, I'll just create it somewhere else on a private server that no one can touch.  So, do what you want.
Jen.  ( a person who happens to care about YOUR children.
Missouri Social Services Left Chelsea in ABUSE  AGAIN!!!
                                     FEB 18 / 2007 Sunday.
1. On Sunday Feb 18/07, Chelsea's friend called our house upon Chelsea's request.
2. I, Jennifer answered the call.  Ron ( her dad ) was at work.
3. Her friend said that Chelsea was upset because she had asked her mom and grandma if she could call her father, she had found out number on here.  The response was, she was hollered at and told "NO", that if she does, she will be punished because they don't want her talking to her dad EVER ( which is also court ordered...they can call and there is supposed to be visitation ).
4. About 1 hour later, I received call from Chelsea and her friend.  Chelsea told me some disturbing things going on in the home.
  A: Her brother had recently been arrested, and had gone to detention 2times since put back with her mom.
  B: Her mom was charged with ANIMAL ABUSE in Dec. 06 ( which was in progress even when this was all still in court..we didn't know this ) and was CONVICTED of this.  She had the dogs removed ( for starving them ) and she was fined, and had community service.
  C: Her mom was taking Chelsea's brother to community service and making him SLEEP IN THE CAR, remember...this is DECEMBER.  The woman at the place was angry and told Chelsea's mom that she could not be doing this or she would get into trouble.  Chelsea read to me out of her mom's journal that her mom was sick of the woman complaining to her about it.
  D:  That her brother had been hitting her, she was tired of it and was threatening to RUN AWAY.  I told her this was not a good idea as the weather and predators etc..she said she DID NOT CARE what happened to her, anything was better than being in that home.
  E:  That her step father, Billy, and her mom had been fighting all week and Billy was taking it out on Chelsea.  He had been screaming and hollering at her and calling her RETARDED and STUPID.  ( Coming from a man who is actually, legally, mentally retarded with IQ and mind of a 3rd grader, he has NO ROOM TO TALK ). 
  F:  Chelsea had left a note for her mom that said she wanted to live with her father.  She was worried they would blow up about it.  I was too after she told me this.
5.  Chelsea's mom, step dad and brother returned to the house.  They eventually ASSUMED she was talking to her dad. 
6.  I heard Kayela ( her mom ) scream at her that she better not be talking to Ron or she would call Chelsea's grandmother and Chelsea would be punished and her phone would be disconnected.  I heard this from Billy's mouth too.  LOUD AND CLEAR...over and over.
7.  Chelsea responded with..I have a right to talk to my dad and you are not stopping me. 
8.  The hollering continued. 
9.  Brandon, then came to her room and screamed at her that he was going to SLAP HER IN THE FACE! 
10.  Chelsea eventually was so scared that she hid under her bed with the phone and her charger.  She was crying and hysterical.  She made these statements:
   A:  Why isn't DSS listening to me? 
   B:  Why isn't anyone helping me?
   C:  Why are they leaving me in this?
   D:  Why is everyone ignoring what I say and try to tell them?
   E:  Why won't anyone help me? 
   F:  Please come and pick me up and bring me to your house.
   G:  Why do they always listen to my mom, when she lies? 
11.  Chelsea explained that she even told her psych ( Angela Caraway at Mark Twain Counseling Center in Kirksville, MO. that there was abuse and that they were abusing her.  She said she asked Angela to call someone and talk to them about it to get her help.  Angela said she would and when Chelsea would go to the next appts. she would ask Angela if she called anyone yet and Angela would say no, I haven't asked anyone yet, but I will.  ( according to Angela...Chelsea said she did not want to live with us ).  GAL said that Chelsea told him she did on Feb 21/06.  The day DSS put the kids back into this disgusting home and without a court order!!!.
12.  This went on until after 12:30 a.m.
13.  Her mom took the battery charger from her.
**** I, in the middle of the night, e mailed the following people.
Julia Adami- Head of the DSS office.
Ellie Little with constituent services in Jefferson City DSS
     Ashley Turner at Rainbow House in Columbia, MO..she was on the case previously in 2003.
Steve Morrow...Missouri Office Of Child Advocate. ( ombudsman ).
14.  Feb 19th 2007 was president's day, so no offices were open.
15.  We had tried to call the Sheriff's dept.  We left several messages to them because everyone was on patrol.  No one ever called us back.  We were trying to get a protective order.
16.  10:00 a.m., Chelsea called us, exhausted and depressed ( her words ).  She again begged us to come and get her and to find her help.  She wanted us to call the hotline.  What good does it do to call people who do not give a shit? 
17.  We called it.  Talked to some dim wit there.  She said she was going to code it as a "referral" and not a hotline...for those who dont' know this...referral means that no one even has to go to the house to check the children.  Go figure...they may have to get off their lazy butts and do something.
18.  We asked the hotline if Chelsea called herself, would they talk to her?  They would.
19.  At 11 a.m. Chelsea called us back.  We gave her the numbers to the hotline and to the OMbudsman, Steve Morrow in Missouri.  He is a kind man and the only one out of all these idiots who has shown any care or regard for these kids out of that whole crazy state!  ( as far as in Gov't level ).
20.  Chelsea did not call back as we asked. 
21.  Later, we got message from her friend, Chelsea was with her and while she was on the phone with the hotline, her mom and gradma disconnected her cell phone.  I'm not sure how much Chelsea was able to tell them, but wouldn't that raise questions with any normal human being, but these DSS people are NOT HUMAN!
22.  We have not heard from Chelsea since that time.
                    THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MINDS
Wednesday, February 21/07:
1.  Ron, Chelsea's dad called DSS and talked to Michelle Curry ( or we were told that was her last name, however they also gave us another last name as well )
2.  Michelle told Ron she went to the house and talked to Chelsea in her bedroom, Chelsea was sick and had been vomiting...( geeeee I wonder why?  )
3.  Chelsea admitted everything to her that had gone on, and that her brother threatened to SLAP her in the face, the screaming and hollering etc. and that she wanted to live with us.
4.  Michelle found NO ABUSE.  SO they were NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING.
5.  Michelle said that this was just a overly emotional 13 year old girl who was just seeking attention and blowing it all out of proportion to get her way.
**** PLEASE TELL ME I AM CRAZY!!!!  Now, this child just ADMITTED to her this stuff happened and yet it is not abuse?????????  What about...
A:  Emotional abuse?
B: Threat of bodily harm?
C: Terrorizing?
D: Domestic Violence Act???
E: Verbal abuse?
I ask you all who read this from DSS...yes...including you Julia since you came to my site the other day...
Have you all lost your minds?  What is WRONG with you people?  What is it going to take for you to see there is something wrong in this home?  The kids DYING????
Isn't sexual abuse, sexual maltreatment ( by Billy ), home conditions, educational neglect, verbal and emotional abuse enough as it is?  ALL THAT FOUNDED by YOUR AGENCY!!
How many chances are you going to give this woman?  Why are you all protecting her?  Just because the father isn't the abusive one and you think the mom should have the children?  SHE IS UNFIT and NEEDS PSYCH HELP!!!
ANY reasonable person can see this!!!  You are all trained PROFESSIONALS to spot child abuse, you rip kids from their homes because a mother down there had surgery a few years where they had to PICKET your office recently...
It was all over the news!
Kyle Kendrick can make a statement about a child standing in a pile of cow feces and the kid lost a shoe and that is abuse...yet you all are leaving this child to be tortured and that is OK?  I read the case on Mr. Sharpe and I read Kyle's statements in Federal court paperwork that was online.
I think a child like Chelsea is a Hell of a lot worse off than a kid who lost a shoe in cow manure! 
KYLE was former head of the office in Adair County, MO.  He ignored this all too. 
I promised Chelsea I would help her Julia and by God, if it takes me to my DYING BREATH, I will find her help.  You all fail her and I hope to God when she turns 18, she sues the Hell out of all of you and her mom too...which she can legally do.
Chelsea, if you read find yourself an attorney, you get on the phone and you call until you find one who will help you.  Look on the internet, type in Missouri attorneys for the areas around where you are.
If you are being hurt in ANY way, you call 911 Immediately.  If you get no response, you call the Highway Patrol.
You call call call until someone listens to you and helps you.  Forget about DSS, they are not going to help you...that is obvious.  No sense beating a dead horse hun.
   They will remove dogs but not children....sick.
Here are a list of numbers for you to call honey.
1.  Adair County Sheriff's Department: (660) 665-4644  OR 911.
2. Office of Child Advocate: Steve Morrow: 866-457-2302
3. Child Help USA: (1-800-422-4453) and then press 1 to talk to a counselor.
4. Justice For Children: 602-235-9300
You do what you have to and call these people if you need help.  Ask them to call us too...319-439-5393 is our number for reference.
We love you honey and we are trying to help you really hard.  We hope you are ok.

Greetings.  This site is being made to expose a corruptive "system" of justices, or lack thereof, of my fiance's children, who are being left in an abusive situation in Missouri.
The lies, the misinformation in reports made by Department of Social Services, a juvenile court system that has no heart for these children.  The horrid abuse that these children have endured is disgusting to me.  All for the sake of that all mighty buck.  Children are little more than a dollar sign to these tyrants.
If what you read makes you outraged, imagine how we feel as we have battled this since 2001 and it is still ongoing.  Imagine the feelings of the children. We fear for these children.   It's in the back yard of a country that has the resources to stop these corruptive systems.
We are seeking help from "We The People".  The same people who made this country great. Write letters if you are outraged.  There is a link to all of the addresses on the site.
To view the story, click on "Our Plight".
If you have questions, please click on the "contact me" link.
For comments, please sign my Guestbook below.
Thank you for your help in freeing these children so they can have a NORMAL life.
Sincerely, Jennifer. 

Here is a site I would like you to visit that belongs to a friend of mine. Just click this text to view it.

Link to her actual web page. Please visit. Click this text to view it.

Jennifer Polton


Ron's daughter, Chelsea Murray

Never give up hope.