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Fax from court july 21/06
Grand Jury: Ron is not guilty of kidnapping July 05
Social Worker, Katie Voegle's letter on our behalf.
Chelsea's letter to us
unfounded abuse letter on me
Guardian Ad Litem's Recommendation of placement of children 2006
DSS report says sexual perps in Kayela's home. Sept 03
Brandon's untreated ringworm 2003
Court Order On Custody 03
Matt Holt letter to Smiser, not paying Smiser to do his job!
Brandon 04 missed school days
Internal E mails, very interesting!
Jason Lene Probable Cause Statement and Judge Lewis Involvement in Ron's arrest July 05
Mary Clark lies to court in writing 2005
Sept. 17/03 DSS narratives
Official People On The Case
Amanda Kroner Letter May 13 / 04
removal petition brandon 04
Sexual maltreatment 2006
Sexual abuse 2003
Founded neglect 2004
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Chelsea's feet : Foot Rot 2005
School Counselor Francine Nichols Notations on Brandon
Modification Order 06

2001- My fiance, Ronald Murray Jr and his wife, KV  separated.  KV had the children with her in Moberly, Missouri.  KV and Ron had agreed that he would keep contact with his children. CM is his daughter, BM is his son. However, KV did not allow Ron to have contact, had denied Ron any phone contact. The letters he wrote were stuffed in a closet and children told their father didn't care about them, or he would not have left. Ron left KV due to KV's constant threats of self harm and refusal to seek help.  Ron worked 2 jobs most of the time and it still was not enough to make KV happy, nor her parents, HS ( her father ) and CS ( her mother ).  CS would come to their trailer in Novinger, MO. and scream at Ron, telling him what a loser he was and how he could not care for their daughter. It was very sad. No matter what Ron did, it was never good enough. KV moved in with Ron's mother Terry along with the children in Moberly, MO. It wasn't long before Terry found out just what KV was really like.
2001- July, KV moves out of Terry's apt. into her own apt. in same complex, with AT ( a female related to Ron ). AT had lost all of her children to Dept. Social Services for same reasons I am about to state. Not long after KV obtained the apt., she had RC ( male ) and his girlfriend KB ( who is adult daughter of AT and was also pregnant ).  AT was dating PA who also lived there. KV also moved in her boyfriend BV. That is total of 8 people in a small 2 br. apt, as the children were also there.  The children slept on the floor as the adults took over their rooms.  None had jobs.  They lived off of KV's state aid and child support from Ron.  KV's rent was at four dollars a month, a subsidized housing program she was on.
2001- Fall: Ron receives call from his brother, Fredrick who lived in complex with his mother Terry and other brother Jeramiah.  Fred reported to us in a phone call that KV and her room mates were partying and got drunk.  Knife fight broke out.  Fred had to wrestle the man with the knife to the ground and took it from him.  Fred called police and us.  We also called police.  Took police 2 hours to get there.  KV denied the knife fight.  Police report states others from the complex called in report as well, loud noise and too much traffic.  We have this report.  Police left.
KV and AT were sending the children BM and CM door to door to beg for food, money, shampoo, toilet paper etc. Tenants took complaint to Terry and to apt. manager.  Apt. manager even called in hotline.  DSS refused to take her report, citing that Ron put her up to it.  Ron did not know apt. manager. Kids started going to Terry for food, they were living on ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly, while KV used her food stamps for real food for her and her friends.  Finally, apt. manager evicted them for living conditions being awful and the reports from tenants and KV did not pay her 4.00 rent, lost her utilities for non payment. 
KV also had told school of CM and BM that there was an ex parte ( restraining order ) on Ron.  A lie.  Terry got it straightened out with the school.  KV also was not taking kids to school due to the partying she did and did not get up to take them.  KV told DSS worker Amanda Kroner she was home schooling them, DSS did not bother to check this out.  It was a lie.
Ron and I were living in Arizona and moved to Iowa where I am from to be closer to situation of the children.  KV filed for divorce.  Ron was entering military, Army Nat. Guard and left in Feb 02 for boot camp in Kentucky.  He was there about 2 months and was let out on a med 200 due to reactive airway disorder ( type of asthma ).  We were in Stuart, Iowa.  In the divorce, KV got full custody of the children with reasonable visitation for Ron.  There is no way to define "reasonable".  While Ron was in boot camp, KV had DSS in her home due to the issues of her moving around so much and not caring for the children.  All sorts of people were hotlining her.  KV told DSS that she was stressed out by Ron harassing her.  Ron was in boot camp.  He did not even know where the children were at as she would not leave a forwarding address or phone number.
July 02- Ron found them and tried to see them.  KV found out he was in town and took off with children.  Police went to her husband's mother's home where they were staying.  Her husband's mother told police KV did not want Ron to see the children ever.  There is police report on this.  Police would not do anything way to define reasonable visitation.
I started a day care business.  We moved to Menlo into a new house we just bought.  Beautiful home.  I have two children of my own, Robert and John. Ron worked at Pinkerton Security in Des Moines, Iowa making good money.  I made good money with my day care business and was licensed by the state of Iowa. 
Ron got attorney in Moberly, MO. Jay Kimmons.  KV got attorney Gillis from Moberly, MO.  Kimmons/Gillis set up visitation for Ron.  We got kids in June 03 finally. 
CONDITIONS OF CHILDREN: BM came with a HUGE sore on his head, looked like a burn.  He had ointment for it and Keflex for a cough.  Ointment was Triamcinalone, a prescription only medication.  KV did not tell us what the sore was.  We did not know the prescription was not for him either.  We applied the med to the sore as directed.  It got worse.  Custody order said we had to have KV's approval before we could take children to the doctor.  KV refused to allow us to do this.  I e mailed KV finally and said we were going to ER with BM.  At Er room, Dr. Melissa Bell looked at sore.  It looked like a volcano on top of his head by now.  It was macerated and infected, it was ringworm.  She said it was neglect as it had gone untreated for at least 2 to 3 months minimum.  Told us to hotline it and she would fax DHS in Iowa her findings.  We did this.  Diane Jackson from Iowa came to our house after we protested that this needed addressed.  Diane contacted DSS in Missouri.  Melissa Whisenand, the DSS worker told Diane this was just a custody battle and that KV had taken BM to the doctor.  A lie.  Worker also told Jackson that Triamcinalone was given by the hospital. A lie. Hospital reports states that the ointment was pre hosptial treatment and they looked at BM for the cough only.  KV had taken BM to the doctor 2 days prior to the visit with us.  She was given prescription for Gris Peg for the ringworm and did nt fill it.  BM is on state aid so his meds are paid for at no cost to KV.  KV told worker she did not have money to fill the prescription, however KV got their dog out of the pound at a cost of 50.00, the medication was 45.00.
Both kids had lice really bad.  I had to treat their hair.  Roaches came out of the garbage bag of clothing CM brought in the house. 
BM and CM both told me one night about abuse in their mother's home by both KV and her husband.  CM reported that KV's husband, their friends Janet and Kieth and Kieth's son were at Janet's apt.  BV forced CM to kiss Kieth's 8 yr old son, when she said no, he offered her 35.00 to do it and a trip to 6 Flags to spend it. CM said no. BV then forced her somehow to do this act. Keith and BV video taped it.  CM reported she has to do this a lot and it makes her feel sick to her stomach. Her mother did nothing to stop it.  They only video taped it one time.  Later, we spoke to Keith and he admitted doing this, to us.  BM also told me that CM was being touched by someone.  CM did not want to talk about it. Bm told CM that if she did not tell me, he would. CM got upset and asked to go to her room in which I told her that was ok, she was not in any trouble. 15 minutes later at 7pm, CM was fast asleep under the blanket with it over her head.
We took kids to police in Moberly, MO.  Officer Teresa White talked to us. Terry was there too. White told us conditions of their home at KV's inlaws.  They are as follows: mattresses on the floor so filthy they were black with no sheets or pillow cases.  Dog feces and urine covered the floors, they were walking in it.  Toilet did not work - overflowing garbage with feces covered toilet paper on the floor, feces on the walls in bathroom, filthy dishes all over house and under couch growing mold, on counters. Trash bags of garbage piled up inside house all over, some open and spilling onto the floors, it reeked in the house.  Mother in law had ringworm all over her arms, dogs had it also. The children were being hit by the adults in the home for fidgeting on the couch while their aunt tried to watch t.v.
White stated that they were in the home a lot on calls by KV for BM refusing to take his medications.  BM had threatened and tried to commit suicide, however pharmacy records showed that KV did not fill BM's meds, so KV was lying to the police about BM's outbursts.  White said she had to take BM to the police station on one occasion because he was so distraught.  Reality of it was, BM was lashing out from being hit by the adults. White told us she knew this was going on.
MY QUESTION: Police have the authority to remove children from conditions like that yet they did nothing to help them.  Melissa Whisenand said the house was clean!  It was so bad in there that you could smell it from the sidewalk.  I know..I had to go there one day and about vomited when I got to the porch to knock on the door.
White called DSS.  DSS worker Tara Derboven came to the station.  She talked to White.  The children had told White about the abuse, all of it. Melissa Whisenand had also threatened BM and CM if they told anyone what was going on in the house, they would be in big trouble and we would go to jail.  Kids told White this also. White relayed this to Tara D.  Tara told White this was just a ploy by Ron to get the kids into his custody as it was a custody battle.  Tara D. talked to kids in the hall way.  Terry, Ron and I and White were present.  Kids asked Tara if she knew Missy Whisenand.  Tara stated she did, and worked with Missy. Kids clammed up and said no more.  Tara's report, however states that the children told her they wanted to live with their mother and liked living there and liked BV, Kayela's husband.  The children said no such thing.  DSS refused to do anything.  White wanted to arrest them.  DSS stopped her.
Our atty. told us it would be better if we moved to Moberly to fight this.  He said she should have her rights taken away.  We did not want that, we said she is still mom to them but requested he put in for Ron to have sole custody with her getting supervised visits due to the abuse.  He said we were being too nice. 
July 03 we moved to Moberly, MO.  Big mistake.
KV was made to move from the inlaws home due to the filthy conditions. We found this out later in a report we got when we requested records from DSS. She moved to a pink house on Hedges St.  She was evicted for non payment of rent.  She moved block from us onto Bertley St.  Also we found out later, she had no water on Hedges due to non payment.  Kids were so filthy and had constant lice. 
Kids reported to us that KV's friend Brian Roselius had been living with them and they were afraid of Brian because he looked at them in a sexual manner and made advances on them, trying to touch them on their bottoms in a sexual way and tried to look up CM's skirts and down her shirts.  We told DSS this and they ignored it.  We set up meeting with Janna Clark who was head of the DSS office in Moberly, MO.  Janna was rude and mean.  She said if we pursue this on KV then she would see to it we would go to jail.  We tried to tell her what Brian was doing and she said we were just too emotionally involved.  She was so rude that I left crying.  We would find out later why she was like this.  Keep this in thought.
The children were still not attending school and BM was falling so far behind.  He could hardly read. 
On Sept 23 / 03 KV, BV, Janet, BM came to our house at approx 11pm.  KV was crying.  We let them in. Janet told us KV did not want to tell us what happened but she made KV do it because Brian had raped her 2 weeks prior to this incident.  Brian raped Janet.  Nothing was done.  On Sept. 21/03 after we had dropped kids off to KV on Sunday night, Brian had sexually abused BM at KV's home.  I blew a cork.  KV and Janet then tell us that Brian was the son of Janna Clark!  This explains why DSS was not doing anything to KV for the abuse/neglect of the children. 
Police reports show that Brian has past history of "perping on young children and had been arrested for this in Marshall County, MO. " per Brian's father, Bob Roselius' statements to police. We have these documents.
We contacted Mike Fester and Bill Wirtel in Jefferson City, MO. They were with constituent services for DSS.  We had talked to them many times in the past to no avail.  Fester was shocked.  I told Fester...I tried to tell you this would happen and you ignored us.  This is your fault and is negligent.  The case was transferred to Tanisha Phelps with Chariton Co, DSS due to who Janna Clark was and the conflict of interest.  However, Randolph Co was still providing services to KV.  ( go figure ).
October 12/03 Got call from a Christi Burton.  She asked Ron what monetary compensation he would want from DSS for BM being sexually abused! They were trying to get Ron to extort himself and he wouldn't do it. She got angry and hung up on him.
October 15 / 03 was the last hearing.  Throughout all of this, KV was being provided services in her home, the workers were Doug Dowdy and Kasey Whitmore - Randolph Co. DSS.  Doug was being told by KV that Ron was harassing her all the time.  A lie.  KV was bringing BM and CM to us in the middle of the night sick at 11pm, 1am, etc.  She had BV come to us and ask us for money for their water bill at 11pm in the amt. of 5.00  She brought the kids to us late for school at 9:30am, 11am, 10am.  We took them. 
On October 15/03 the court determined that the children were being neglected by KV in form of medical, educational and plain neglect.  KV told them that she could get kids to school on time, DSS bought her a new alarm clock.  KV had been telling Dowdy that her clock was broken, however in the report it sates that CM told him that their mom was keeping them out late until 1am and not getting them up for school, refused to get up or did and went back to bed. 
Our atty told us 2 days before court, to go for 50/50 custody.  We were baffled and angry and shocked.  He also told us that Janna had called and threatened him as well.  He told us that if we did not settle this that day, that DSS was there to take the children from both parents.  Dowdy was present, but did not go in the court room. 
Ron was given joint legal and joint physical custody of the children with their address as his address.  He had primary custody and kids were supposed to live with us.  We made it known in court we were not staying in Moberly.  KV stated to the GAL that she understood this.  We also gave KV a 60 day notice of relocation which BV signed for later on.
Dowdy put in his report that Ron was mad after court because he still had to pay child support, however it was abated made retroactive to date he filed, he has over payment of 1,020.00 which Missouri refused to return to him.  Dowdy lied.  Also, in his report it says that KV and Ron were separated most of their marriage, another lie.  They did not ask any of this to Ron if it were true.
We could not use the sexual abuse of BM in court, it had not been founded yet.  Police said they were going to arrest him, they did not. We thought he was in jail the way police talked.
Brandon came to us sick.  He had stomach pain for 3 days and was pale as a sheet. KV did not seek medical attention. Kids had lice again. Took them to ER room. BM was constipated from the sexual abuse stress. Doctor hotlined it.  Nurse did too. This was on a Friday night.  Saturday morning, Kasey Whitmore came to our home, she knocked.  We didn't know who she was.  She was very demeaning and rude.  She shoved us out of her way to enter our home.  We did NOT ask her in.  She demanded to see the kids.  My children and CM were up playing a video game in my son John's room.  Kasey refused to sit down at the table. She wanted to go through our house.  Hotline was NOT on us.  Kasey shoved my son John backwards into my drafting table which he bent over backwards she shoved him so hard.  She assaulted my then 11 yr old son! She went through the house into his room then into BM's room which my other son shared with him. She yanked BM out of bed by his arm and flung him around in front of her. She shook him as she yanked him off the floor by his arm.  She drug him to the walk in closet, saying, I know you want to show me your closet. Clothes were hung neatly, folded neatly and there were stacks of board games neatly across the one wall. She snorted. She dropped BM to the floor again and proceeded to our pantry/hall way into the kitchen, she opened drawers, fridge where pleny of food was at, looked in basement, laundry was done and folded in a basket to be put away, she looked in our oven, then into our room and was going to look in our closet and I had enough and told her to stay out of our personal spaces.  She went into living room where kids were now at, they were all on the couch huddled together scared of her.  She hollered at Ron and stuck her finger in his face shouting at him.  ROn finally got her to go outside and she told me to get back in the house. I told her this was MY house and I'll do what I want and if she didn't like it, then leave.  My son John went outside to talk to a friend who was on his way over.  Kasey asked him if he gets to see his dad. John said when I want to, Kasey then torted to him, this isn't about you, it's about BM and CM.  My son said, well then why did you ask me?
We tried to file assault on Kasey with the police. They refused to take the report.
November 03- BM ran in our house and told us Brian was at his house. I'll never forget that child's face.  He was terrified.  Ron tried to contact prosecutor, Mike Fusselman, he would not respond. We tried victim advocates, they would not respond, out of Fusselman's office. Ron went to court house and asked for protective papers from Norma Prange, the clerk.  She REFUSED to give them to Ron.  These are supposed to be given to anyone who needs them, even on weekends and she told Ron to get an attorney. We have witness to this. Julie Haley who took Ron to the court house.
We tried to find another attorney, we were broke from the battle and were behind in our own rent as Ron lost his job due to Tanisha wanting him to go to classes and such, when there was no abuse in our home! His work said he was too busy to work there and fired him.  He took a bad pay cut and had started to work at McDonalds for minimum wage.  We were getting desperate.  I had gotten sick too and could not work. I filed for SSI.
December 03- I was doing laundry and looked out my back window. Seen Brian with BM alone walking toward KV's house.  I called Ron at work, he came home and again tried to get help from prosecutor and Norma Prange, again was turned away.
Ron called atty from Macon, MO.  She told Ron exigent circumstances existed, he had primary custody, move back to Iowa with the kids to keep them safe. We sent letter to prosecutor, Judge, told police in both states where we were going and why. 
Jan 04- we moved back to Iowa.  Ron was arrested for kidnapping on a Missouri warrant.  Police in Iowa did not want to arrest him.  Officer from Iowa fought with Missouri and had looked at the documents we had where the sexual abuse was founded on Brian, we had received the letter from DSS in Boone County ( who was now on the case ), in December 03.
Ron was released and court date set.  Snow storm prevented us from travelling.  It was rescheduled.  Ron went to court, they told Ron that if he did not plead guilty to interference with custody, that they would throw him back in jail. Ron plead under duress on transcript. 
KV had relocated on this date as well and did not tell anyone her address or anything.  She moved in with Allen Scofield, her husband's cousin who was being monitored by the state due to mental problems and physical problems from a car accident.  He had a home health care nurse.
Ron did not know where the children were for 2 months.  He tried to file report and they again refused to do anything. Art Guisendorfer, the officer literally kicked us out of his office/station. We still have copy of report we tried to file.
KV was again in trouble with DSS.  Workers from Bone Co, MO are as follows: Lynn Cole- office director, Christine Fiske - Brenda Berger- Meliny Staysa- workers.  Amanda Kroner and Tena Houston were from the juvenile office.  KV again told them Ron was harassing her.  We did not know where she was at, at that point.
April 04- we receive papers from Juvenile Office.  Petition for removal of CM and BM from KV and BV, due to neglect, educational neglect and unsanitary unhealthy living conditions.  Ron contacted DSS and Fiske told him the scoop.  She was so nice to us..little did we know she was stabbing us in the back in the process.  She contacted KV to tell us where she was at.  KV called us.  KV would tell us that the children were not there, however they were. We heard them in the background wanting to talk to us, she would not let them.
Received reports on incidents above from DSS as we requested them again.  These reports were awful. Filthy conditions so bad it was a fire hazard. Children were removed from Amanda Kroner for 3 days and put with KV's mother and father in Novinger, without ROn's knowledge. Kids should have went to him as he was custodial parent and primary custodian.  DSS keeps saying he is NON CUSTODIAL.
KV then fled the county after court date was set, GAL appointed etc. it was dropped and Adair County, would not pick it up.
Ron called KV at her mother's house as that is where she moved into. Ron tried to talk to kids and she would not let him most of the time. Ron threatened family access motion if she kept refusing to follow order on custody.  Ron got the kids in June of 04 on Father's day weekend.
June 04- father's day weekend- Kids reported more abuse, drug abuse in the home, needle usage. BV had popped pills that BM said made him cuckoo and BV tried to stick BM with a needle. BM stated he smacked it from his hand and ran from him, making BV angry and put a hole in the wall just before they moved from Bertley street.  DHS was called by Ron. The children had actually told our neighbors about this first, Lynn and Lori upstairs from us and they told us.  DHS talked to the kids. BM told worker everything. DHS tried to get protective order from Missouri police dept in Adair Co.  They would not do it, said the children were in father's care and safe so they were not going to do anything. DSS worker, Christine Steele who is the investigator for DSS there, said this was a ploy by Ron to take the kids from KV. ( what is wrong with these people? ) They had to go back. 
Sunday of that weekend, police and DHS were at our house when KV got the kids.  Police did not want to let them go.  No choice. BM told them he was scared to go back there. So did CM.
2 weeks later, DHS calls us that hotline was called on us by Missouri.  Christine Steele had called it in.  They did not want Iowa to tell us what the allegations were.  I told worker that Ron was at school, she said she would let DSS know. I said that was fine. I also told her we wanted time to find an attorney, She was cool with that.  Steele called Ron very angry. She told Ron that the allegation was from Friday night and he was the perpetrator. Ron told her he was at work and could prove it. Steele told Ron if he did not let DHS into our house or if we got an attorney, she would take Ron's upcoming 6 week visit away. Steele kept calling us threatening us.  Finally we let DHS in and taped the conversation, so did DHS. Maggie O'Connor was the DHS worker. She talked to ROn first, then me then my son, John.  She had told us the allegation was that first it was on Ron, that he tied BM to a chair for 15 minutes with a rope and threatened him with a bull whip, then changed it to ME when found out Ron was at work, then Steele called her yet again and told her that my son John was also involved and tied BM to a bed.  I had company that weekend and neighbors were in my home too and outside with the windows open.  They vouched we did nothing to those kids.  Maggie did not believe DSS because of KV's stories kept changing.  She sent report to Missouri.  Steele was angry. She tried to make Ron sign a safety plan, even though it was unfounded on me, that said he would not let me tied BM to a chair and threaten him with a bull whip.
Steele faxed this to Ron, he refused to sign it. Steele set up meeting with Ron and on call worker for July 5/04 to meet, gave instructions for Ron to call 1-800 number, it was to hotline we found out. It's 4 hour drive one way for us to get kids. HOtline had no idea what he was talking about. Ron called 1/2 hour prior to getting to Kirksville, MO. for this.  Called again from Burger King as instructed. They got msg to worker but did not know what she would do with it. We waited till 2:15, we had to get kids at 2:30pm. Went to police station where we were to meet KV. Not there. We went to BK again, no one came. I had Ron buy a drink on my credit card for proof we were there. Back to police dept. Went in and asked if anyone had come there to talk to us, no one had. KV showed, we got kids, went back to BK and no one there. We went home to Iowa.
Ron called worker Steele and said no one showed up. She said she could accuse Ron of purposely evading DSS worker. Ron blew. In Steele's report it says she did not know why Ron did not wait on the 4th of July for the worker.  It was the 5th he was supposed to get kids and Steele knew this as it was in her report as well as her instructions she faxed to Ron.
We found out in 05 that KV tried to go to Judge Steele to get protective order on kids that Ron threatened his daughter on the phone. A lie. It was dismissed and nothing was even told to ROn about this.
July 8/04- According to Steele's report, KV went to her office, telling her our phone was disconnected. Each party to have phone in their home according to court order, however KV did not have one in her home. She had moved to a trailer in Novinger her parents own. That was ok was KV. ( sarcasm ). Steele put in her report that she tried to call our home twice and it was disconnected. A lie. We filed a grievance on the worker.  I produced copy of my phone bill and on July 8/04 the date in question, 3 long dist. calls were placed  and one was to KV at her mother's home.  Steele did not show up in meeting, Kyle Kendrick the office manager was there and Steele's supervisor, Deb Ziebarth was there. Ron handed them a copy of court order from 03 again. They could not "speak for Steele" what good was the grievance then? It went ignored that she LIED in her report. THis could have gotten Ron into trouble.
Steele then was in contact with Fusselman, the prosecutor. She told Fusselman that Ron hindered the supervised exchange of the children with DSS.  Fusselman issued a warrant for Ron's arrest!  Ron tried to tell DSS there was no supervised exchange of the children with anyone. They would not send him a letter. Ron called Harry Williams with DSS, the attorney for DSS in Jefferson City. He looked into it and called back, said he was disturbed by what he read. I asked about us? He said no, KV. He said there was no supervised exchange with anyone.  He called office in Kirksville and told them to send us the letter. We would get it that week. No letter. We waited and then called him back. He called them again, and again. Finally we got letter and he had one faxed to prosecutor and Ron's public defender. Charges were dismissed.
Throughout these court issues, Ron could not have contact with the children!  It was THEIR screw ups and lies.
By now it is October 04 and Ron was told to enroll kids into school in Iowa. He did this.  Again, KV did not pick up kids for a whole week. She told FUsselman that Ron refused to give the kids to her. I faxed court every day she did not show up. Charges were dropped again.
By now it is March 05 and Ron had not seen kids since October 04.  April 05, ROn files family access motion.  Judge Lewis heard it in May 05. He said he did not read the file, was not going to read it, thought it a farsce would not listen to anything Ron said, told him to sit down and shut up over and over. He said women get all the work of cooking, cleaning, taking kids to school. ( Had he READ the file, he would have known she was not doing these things ). He said men get all the weekend fun and glory.  He reprimanded Ron for being military in the past and wanting to return to it.  The charges from Jan 04 on interference with custody was recalled as well prior to this.  Judge stated that military is no place for children to be raised.  ( Who is saving his sorry butt from terrorists? Not his black robe he wears, that is for sure, and who keeps this Judge free to be a judge? Those troops! ).  He told Ron he could only have every other weekend until school got out, exchange in Fairfield, Iowa.
June 05- CM and BM on visit with us over weekend.  CM had foot rot starting.  She had sores all over her poor little feet that were raw and HUGE. KV again failed to seek medical attention. CM told ER doctor we took her to, that her mother's floors were really bad with dog pee and poop and she did not like taking off her shoes and socks because of it, so her feet were dirty and sweaty all the time, she slept in her shoes and socks and did not change them.  We got meds for them. KV was aware of the sores as was her mom prior to them coming on the visit.
Ron called Mary Clark the case worker of KV's. Adair Co, MO. He told her about the sores being foot rot, faxed pics to her. ( pics did not make it to the file ). She told Ron she was not going to do anything because KV's case had been closed in April 05.  She is mandated reporter! She did nothing.
Ron had to involve the office of civil rights on the school because they were not giving him records or anything else he was entitled to. THey would not comply still, OCR had to get it in writing and threatened to pull their federal funding for non compliance, as he IS custodial. School even refused to let him speak to his daugter on the phone.
July 05- got kids on 6 week summer vacation.  CM reported that step dad and mom took nude photos over BV's camera cell phone in March and BV tricked her into looking at nude photo of her mother waist up, arms folded under her breasts, on BM's bed, posing.  She did not know what it was of utnil BV showed it to her.  She was upset about it.  BV then tried to show BM a picture by moving it around in front of him. Bm would not look at it. BM went to the couch and sat down and started to draw in a tablet. He does this when he is uspet. BV then got BM in a head lock, pried his eyes open and forced him to look at nude photo of BV on BM's bed. KV was present during whole incident and did nothing to stop it.
BM was in the shower when CM told me this. It was 8am on July 7/05.  BM then came upstairs and CM told him she told me about the pictures, he asked what pics and CM said the ones on the cell phone, BM said, those were nasty pictures of mom and BV naked and said he did not want to see them. He then told me how BV got him in a head lock etc. I woke Ron up and told him. We called Katie Voegele with Four Oaks in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She is a social worker.
July 7/05 Katie talked to kids at 4pm.  Kids told her everything and they did not want to return to their mother's and why.
July 8/05 Katie returned in the morning 8am. called Iowa DHS, made report, Iowa had her call Missouri hotline, Katie made report. Christine Steele was put on the case again.
July 8/05 Steele calls Ron on his cell number. Told him she and officer Jason Lene from Adair Co, sheriff's dept were going to go to KV's home and talk to them. Steele called later that day, said the house was filthy and described pattern conditions I listed above again. Said kids could not go there to her and she could not have contact with the children due to allegations. She demanded Ron bring kids to MO to live with KV's parents! They are NOT custodial. Ron said no, it would go against court order and was not going to jail for it. Steele got mad, said he would suffer the consequences.  Ron tried to call Lene as Steele instructed on the date she gave, he was not at work.  Left many msgs. Finally talked to Ofcr. Salsberry. Ron faxed copy of court order to prosecutor, Missouri ombudman Mary McEniry, and to DSS.
DSS got it and said it came from BV instead of from Ron!
McEniry said she was going to e mail Steele and tell her kids could stay with Ron that he is custodian of the children. She did this on July 12/05 we have the internal e mail copy.
Steele tried to tell her she had copy of 02 order, she had the 03 order as we faxed it in May 04, hand delivered it in grievance, faxed it again in late 04 and then in many copies they need? PLUS they said in May 04 they got one from KV.
Steele set up forensic interview of children on July 13/05 in Iowa at the child protection center at St. Lukes Hospital.  Katie went with us for support and in case they had questions for her.
We talked with the team there first and then they interviewed CM and BM separatetly, it was video taped.
CM first: she told them about BV holding his fist up to her brother, the cell phone incident, that BV made her kiss that boy in 02, that she did not want to live with her mother and that our house was safe always and clean. CM told them that their mother had been in trouble before for neglect etc.
BM told them about the cell incident, said our house was safe, does not want to live with his mother and step father, that BV holds his fist up to his face when he is mad at thier mother. About Brian sexually abusing him in 03.
BOTH kids said that their mom took them around Brian after he sexually abused BM in 03 on at least 10 occasions.
Team said incident probably did happen.  Forwarded copy of vcr tape to Missouri with reports. August 05.
July 16/05 Ron was arrested on Missouri warrant for kidnapping.
Judge Lewis had told KV's attorney, Peter Danielsons to tell her father to take her to the police and get probable cause statement from Tracy Salsberry.  Lene actually wrote it out.  Then to prosecutor.  We have this document. 
On July 15/05 we had been staying with a friend. We had bought a house in Sept 04 and were in process of remodelling it through a program with the city of Cedar Rapids.  They were going to insulate it and found broken wires in the walls but could not trace them without tearing out the walls, they also found black mold in the basement.  I had gotten sick and broke out in hives...found out from the mold, so we were staying with a friend of ours.  Black mold is toxic.  I'm highly allergic to mold too.  So, on the 15th, our neighbor ran into my son who was visiting his friend. told my son that someone broke into our house and left the back door open. Stray cats got in there and he had shut them in unknowingly.  We had not been to the house in over a few weeks.  On the 16th, Ron was enroute to the house to see if anything was taken.  He did not make it inside, he was arrested in front of the house. He did not know the conditions of the house. Nor did I, nor about the strays inside. You can imagine what it was like.
Police came and took the children. The children cried and told police they did not want to go to Missouri and why. Kids were put into foster care in Iowa for 3 days and Missouri came and got them. They did NOT put them with KV's parents as they found her home UNFIT.
My friend took me over and it was a horrible mess, they destroyed things on my walls, overturned and busted dressers etc. the cats made a horrid mess as well. I collapsed and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. My heart kept stopping and starting. I had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. I ended up in hospital again next day, feet swelled up and heart kept stopping and starting, blood pressure was so low they could not give me any medicine for it. They stabilized me and sent me home.
Ron spent 34 days in jail.  He was denied counsel by the juvenile officer, Tiffany La Beth. She said to me on the phone and to ROn as well ( he called her from jail ) he was not entitled to attorney, only his ex was. I threatened a law suit for civil rights violations and she called me back and said she found out he was entitled...she knew this...this is her JOB to know this.
Then she faxed the paperwork and Ron got it back to her. There were hearings on the children and Ron did not attend by phone or have counsel present or anything.
He was given an attorney 6 weeks to the day of his arrest and on the day of the ADJUDICATION.
He was appt. JD Smiser from Kirksville, MO.  JD asked for continuance as he had NO information to go on. It was denied by Judge Steele.
DSS did not make Ron aware he was added to the investigation. Christine Steele had the Juvenile office state that Ron was verbally and emotionally abusive to his children. Another LIE. NO reports like this on Ron, ever!
They also said he was mentally unstable although no psych eval had been done.
ALSO the KICKER: Christine Steele, Mike Waddle, Jeff Hall and Matt Holt from the juvenile office had a meeting.  Waddle told her she had two options...provide services to Ron and take the children later if need be, or state emotional abuse on him and take them now. They all staffed how difficult emotional abuse cases are.
Google search Mike Waddle, Kirksville, MO.  He was in trouble in court for removal of 115 children from a christian academy and had to pay the owner over 800,00.00 for the unlawful removal of the children. He did same thing to Ron.  Waddle is no longer with the juvenile office.
Officer Lene had also failed to mention in his probable cause statement that KV could not have contact with the children.
Christine Steele then puts in a report to the Judge Steele that Ron had plead guilty to kidnapping in 2003.  NO such charge exists in 03 and we have letter from ombudsman about this as well, that it is not true.
Ron went to Grand Jury in December 05.  Grand Jury said he was following instructions from C. Steele and Lene that he could not return the children to his ex.  They said no true bill and charges were dropped.
Mary Clark himmed and hawed about setting up counseling for Ron and the kids like DSS wanted him to do.  We had to fight to get them to do this. Ron took psych eval and he is normal person with good parenting skills but under a lot of stress.  Mary Clark tried to keep this report from Ron. Smiser told DSS that was harassment. We got the report.
I took psych eval and told the psych what Mary did. He was angry at Mary. He put in my psych eval that based on info Mary sent to him, the children have been treated very ugly in Missouri.  I agree. My eval was normal. Only thing on mine is the physical disabilities. They don't keep me from caring for my own kids and it's not like Ron's are little kids. They are 11 and 12 now.
Mary tried to keep my psych eval away from us too. I had to fight to get it.
Ron's ex has paranoia. She is also low IQ in low 70's and is mildly mentally retarded.  Her husband has IQ in low 60's and is mentally retarded.  He cannot read.  DSS reports say he is primary care taker of children.
While this was going on, Mary finally set Ron up with psych to see if he would be approved for unsupervised visitations. He was. Thom VanVleck.  Mary did not send any contact information for him and took us 3 weeks and a call to Kyle Kendrick the office manager for DSS's office to get her to send it to us. 
Thom then quit doing psych work and our atty said that they had overturn in his office so he was not there anymore. Thom was a decent man.  I liked him very much.  CASA worker put in her report that Ron refused to go to counseling and then made one appt and went to no more. A LIE.  This went to the Judge too. Her name is Sara Poor.
A team meeting happened one day. Ron went to it. he did not want to take unsupervised visits with his daughter because false accusations were already flying from his ex's mouth. He was forced to take this.
He took his daughter to see her brother. He was in Bruce Normile Center inside of the juvenile office.  He had an outburst and threatened self harm in school and bit someone, tore apart the room etc.
While in Bruce Normile, that day of the meeting, Richard Chapman a worker there, had to restrain BM.  He had tried to stuff himself in a drawer under his bed and then ripped the screen from the window and tried to bail out of it saying he was going to kill himself. Richard hurt his arms. He admitted to doing that to us. We asked for doctor reports and Chapman said that BM was no longer there and to ask the case worker, Mary Clark. She has not responded to this querry as to date.
Ron had a appt with Thom and his daughter that day.  Ron took her to it and after the meeting, his daughter told him that they had been going to their mother's for unsupervised weekend visits from Fri. after school till Sunday night.  Just that day in the meeting, they told ROn they were THINKING about doing this and did he object. YES he did. They were already giving them to her and it coincides with time that BM started having trouble in foster care. Up to that point he was doing great there.
Feb 21st / 06- went down for supposed hearing. Atty said he got letter that morning from DSS that it was not going to be a hearing at all, but in Judge Steele's chamber, no court reporter present either. Ron was not allowed in. Atty asked judge for 5 min. time for Ron to show abuse reports. Judge denied him this.  Judge signed off of case, told DSS it was their decision where to put the kids. They put them in their mom's home with BV still there with the founded sexual maltreatment from July 05 cell phone incident! 
Judge combined cases for evidence only. Juvenile and civil motion to modify.  Gave it to Judge Lewis.  Hearing set in March. went to it.
Juvenile office put in a motion to be let off of case. denied.
Jeff Hall then tells Ron and his atty that he is no longer going to pay for ROn's atty to do anything, even though judge did NOT make a ruling to let JO off of case. Smiser tried to fight it. They would not budge.
There is evidence on the juvenile side of it. Forensic interview tape, reports etc. WE are entitled to counsel throughout the whole hearing.
Ron went to hearing on May 30/06.  Lewis would not listen to anything, would not let Ron introduce the sexual abuse from 03, the sexual maltreatment of 05, none of it.
Judge kept telling him to sit down and shut up.
Mary Clark got on the stand and said that I physically abused BM in June 04. She did not tell the judge that it was unfounded due to KV's stories kept changing.
CASA worker, Sara Poor got on the stand and told Judge ROn plead guilty to kidnapping in 2003 when no such charge exists in 03. Judge would not hear Ron's evidence on this either.
Judge is making us re write the motion to modify, he says we can't ask for supervised visitation for Ron's ex nor could she on Ron. He told us what we have to put in it.  If we do this then we can't appeal it as it will look like we agreed to this when we don't.
GAL is to make a recommendation and we have to go off of what he recommends.  It's not right. It's horrible.
These kids been through enough and it's going to continue still.  These people violated our rights and the rights of the children too.
I don't understand it.  If DSS stays involved with his ex, they get federal money, thousand per month per kid. That's the incentive in this case. If they get Ron out of the picture, they know she can't care for the kids and they will take them from her then and they will go into foster care again.
We have no money to fight this anymore.  They don't care.  His daughter told the GAL on the 21st she did not want to live with her mother and why. Still where is she at? Her mom's.
Even after they were put there again in Feb/05, she broke the safety plan and allowed her father to strike BM.  BM retaliated and punched him in the face and ran away from home.
DSS cannot effectively watch these kids.  It's sick.
I am going to put up the reports as I can get them on here. It will take time. If anyone wants to see them before hand of me getting them up here, please e mail me at the link provided on the first page , click on contact me.  I'll send you reports and pictures.
Then if you believe what we are saying, write the court, the GAL and the Governor and DSS.  PLEASE. I think this is the only way we are ever going to get those children out of that abuse.
THanks for reading this. I know it is long and complicated. If you have questions, contact me.
Sincerely, a very worried parent. Jennifer Polton.

Never give up hope.